Your game, your rules.

Create your own tailor made games with a choice of 5 mission types. You stay in control of your game and can update it along the way.

Let's do it !

Build your own custom games

Each team building activity is different, that's why Coddy provides all the tools needed to create tailor made quests and events.

Live tracking

Thanks to its web-based admin page, Coddy allows you to follow up on your game onsite or remotely, from any computer, tablet or even smartphone.

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All controls in your hands

Once the game is started, you monitor each team's progress and can validate their missions manually or automatically.

Teams locations
in real time

Keep an eye on your players' whereabouts in real time on an interactive map.

Chat with players
in real time

Thanks to an integrated chat, you can discuss priveately with the teams to assist them in their quests.

Compatible with
actor-based games

Your on-site actors can validate and give points for the teams challenges through a dedicated interface.

Backup all medias
into the cloud

All the pictures and videos can be backed up to Dropbox and Google Drive. This also allows for an easy download of all the files at once.

Coddy Pro helps you design your own games

Choose your own plan

For each game, choose the plan that fits best.


10 €

per team

  • Up to 5 teams

  • App + web admin

  • Photos & videos upload
  • Timeline per team
  • Automatic leaderboard
  • Progress tracking
  • Chat with teams


18 €

per team

  • Up to 10 teams

  • All Standard features

  • Quizzes, riddles
  • Time-limited missions
  • Live map
  • Bonus / penalties
  • Dropbox / Drive export


25 €

per team

  • Up to 50 teams

  • All Business features

  • Wager
  • Actors rating
  • Moving actors
  • Hidden teams
  • Advanced settings



tailor made

  • Unlimited teams

  • "Everything's possible"

  • We're always happy to offer advanced customization of Coddy to perfectly match your games and events, including your own branding and features.

Offer an innovative and connected experience to your customers, visitors or colleagues.

We tailor the app to match your own needs and layout.

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